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WhatsApp Android Apk Download

WhatsApp Android Apk Download New Version

The way we communicate with friends is developed each days. WhatsApp Android or WhatsApp Messenger for Android might be the answer for those who always keep in touch with friend or relatives. You don’t need to always sent text message to your friends, with WhatsApp Android you will all feature in communication apps in one easy way. Since WhatsApp Messenger is available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia Phones you will be able to get connected easily using this app. With WhatsApp Android you will not only be able to send SMS, but you will also be able to send and receive pictures, audio notes and video messages.

Further, there are some features that will make your experience send and receive message varied. We will find some feature like Group chat that will allow you to enjoy group conversation with your contacts. WhatsApp Android is available free for a year and for the next year you will have to pay for only $0.99. However, there is no International Charges like what you will find if you send a SMS. All message that you send with WhatsApp Android is free as long as your they install WhatsApp Messenger app.

There are more in WhatsApp Android that will give you a lot of fun in communicating with your friends. No Pins and Usernames, No need to log in/out, no need to add buddies, offline message (all of your message will be saved by WhatsApp Android when you turn off your phone and sent it on the next application use) and many more feature that allows you send not only SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available to be downloaded free and you just need Android 2.1 run on your smartphone to install and run this app. Download WhatsApp Android Apk with New Version from Google Play.

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