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The Sandbox Walkthrough for iPhone and iPad

The Sandbox Walkthrough for iPhone and iPad, Episode 1 and 2 – The Sandbox is a new game app that come for Apple device. After playing this game you might find that some of the episode will be quite difficult to pass. There will be some clue to pass some of the episode on The Sandbox that will give you a bit favor to pass the level. Just figure it out how it will help you to pass the every episode. This is The Sandbox Walkthrough for iPhone and iPad Espidose 1 and 2 for iPhone and iPad.

1st Episode – How to Make a Volcano
On this episode you have to make a Volcano in order to move to the next episode. There will be quite easy step to be followed the instruction thoroughly. You will see a big mountain in this episode. However, it is a dead mountain. What you need to do next is to zoom on the bottom area of the mountain. Drag your finger exactly on the bottom of the grey part. Make a quite big hole. Next, on the option pick lava and play it. You will have your own Volcano.

2nd Episode – How to Make a Waterfall
There will be quite difficult to make a waterfall. You will see an empty area at first. To make a waterfall, you need to make the area looks like a hill. Pick the stone element and choose the third level of the brush in order to get the right thickness. Drag your finger from the middle bottom of the screen to the right to make kind of little hill. Next pick Mud and drag your finger along the stone surface that you’ve already made. You will see some plants grow on the mud in you do it correctly. Next, pick a symbol like a black twister. You will use it to make hole or an empty space on the left bottom corner. After that, pick wood element and pick the thinnest brush. Make a thin, but long layer above the empty space. After finishing this step, you need to fill the top of the wooden layer with a bit stone and then with a quite thick mud, so that you can see plants grow on it. Next, you need to delete a part of the two mountains you have made. Fill the left mountain with only one multi element with purple color surround it with water. Do the same thing with the right mountain, but this time with four multi elements. Make a way for each of the multi element in order to make a way for the water out. Remember to Pause the game when you plant the multi element inside the hill. After finishing make the a way for the water from the element you can play it. You can see the water flow from the multi element and make a waterfall. The Next Episode in The Sandbox Walkthrough Episode 3 – 5, but still process.

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