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ooVoo Video Call Android Apk Download

ooVoo Video Call Android Apk – There are a lot of the latest app that devoted for the communication purpose. Most of the communication app now available with video chat feature that ooVoo Video Call Android will be the one of several app with that certain feature. Unlike the other app with video call feature as the additional feature, you will find that ooVoo Video Call Android got video chat as the main feature of this app. There might be special feature that offered by ooVoo Video Call that you won’t find it on other app. This feature will allow you to have up to 6-way group chat.

Beside that main feature on ooVoo Video Call Android, there is stilll more feature on this app. You will be able to make a video call using 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connection free. Also this app is compatible with Android, iPhone, PC and Mac. ooVoo Video Call also provide Facebook to help you find other friend who the same app too. You will have free video call mobile to mobile or mobile to computer. Also unlimitede ooVoo to ooVoo voice calls, even call landline and mobile phone number at the lowest rates will be the feature that you can find on ooVoo Video Call Android.

ooVoo Video Call Android has some specs requirement for the video chat feature so that you will have the best quality video chat. Most of the Acer, Samsung, HTC, Asus, Motorola have been ready to install ooVoo Video Call on them. This app is also planned to be released on mobiles and tablets with front facing cameras. Since you are not required to pay certain number of money, you can get it easily free. However, ooVoo Video Call will need you to provide a quite high handset on your device at least on Android 2.2 version. Download ooVoo Video Call Android Apk.

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