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Logos Quiz Answers Level 8 Part 3 – This is Logos Quiz Answers Level 8 Part 3 for iPhone and iPad. So, check it out.

Logos Quiz Answers Level 8

‘I’ and ‘K’ letter in blue with a star on it (MIKASA) | ‘H’ letter with a curvy shape like a ribbon in red and another side in blue (BRITISH AIRWAYS) | A tail of a plane with a country flag in it (SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS) | A big ‘A’ in blue (BBVA) | Double ‘T’ letter with blue and green color And a square with two green triangle and a blue triangle (WESTJET) | Arabic letter with a golden bird on it (GULF AIR) | A symbol with wings in silver and a red rectangle (SMIRNOFF) | A royal symbol with ‘P’ and ‘M’ in the center of the red circle (PHILIP MORRIS) | A yellow tag with ‘B’ and ‘Y’ letter in it (BEST BUY) | ‘E’ letter with an Arabic character in red (EMIRATES) | Three orange circle border line and ‘N’ letter (TNT) | ‘V’ letter with long line (VANS) | ‘g’ letter (VUELING) | ‘terh’ letter (CATERHAM).

Mandarin character with a blue plane tail at the end (CHINA SOUTHERN) | A symbol like a bridge that higher in the middle in grey color (SAINT GOBAIN) |  ‘T’ and ‘A’ letter with ‘country’ (ABSOLUT VODKA) | A blue ‘A’ letter with a sideways blue rectangle (ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS) | Flower like logo with orange and red filling color (PETROCHINA) | An orange circle with green triangle with white letter in it (LOTUS) | A black thunderbolt logo (ELECTRIC) | A horse silhouette with blue and green background (LLOYDS TSB) | A circle and five line in grey like US flag (US AIRWAYS) | An orange oval with three lines in it that connected to the oval (MAHINDRA) | A royal-like symbol with ‘royal’ letter in it and number 12 (CHIVAS) | Two lines in blue and green color that form spiral (STANDARD CHARTERED) | A blue line, four blue circles and a cross sign look like a crown (KLM). Thanks to Yahoo Answers for Logos Quiz Answers Level 8 Part 3.

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