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Logos Quiz Answers Level 8 Part 2 – This is Logos Quiz Answers Level 8 Part 2 for iPhone and iPad. So, check it out.

Logos Quiz Answers Level 8

Four blue triangle that form a white star in the middle (SANTANA) | Two grey border line with three bend line (MERCURY) | Four orange triangles and two white triangles (HSBC) | A human-like cookie in brown (VIVO) | A white teddy bear (TOUS) |Red ‘K’ letter (KAWASAKI) | A curvy shape and ‘g’ letter all in green (CARLSBERG) |A red oval line with ‘A’ letter in it (CHERY) | ‘s’, ‘c’ and ‘h’ letter (REUSCH) | Two blue lines form a curvy shape (AIR NEW ZEALAND) | Bird-like symbol with orange and blue color filling (MALAYSIA AIRLINES) | An antelope silhouette (QATAR AIRWAYS) | A red circle with a creature like a bird with tail like a tiger holds a flag with ‘V’ letter in it (VAUXHALL). A black border line with a bat in it (BACARDI) | Four arrows lost its tips that point at one point (ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND) | A blue rectangle with a red line under it (SKF)

A green rectangle with a red line under it and a white wing in it (CATHAY PACIFIC) | Two orange square with a white cross sign on one of it (SWISS) | A red square with silver border line and two silver curvy lines like an orbital line (SATURN) | A grey square border line with two red double ‘l’ in it (PALLMALL) | A bear footprint in black (KELME) | ‘n’ letter with two triangular shape in red and white (AUSTRIAN AIRLINES) | ‘l’ and ‘s’ letter with a blue square with a half image of a globe (CONTINENTAL AIRLINES) | A long orange line and symbol of a bird at the tip of the line (SINGAPORE AIRLINES) | A blue rectangle with an orange symbol of lion that hold the world (ROYAL BANK OF CANADA) | A bull with a leg lift (MERRILL LYNCH) | A symbol of an ancient Chinese coin in red (BANK OF CHINA). The next answers in Logos Quiz Answers Level 8 Part 3. Thanks to Yahoo Answers for Logos Quiz Answers Level 8 Part 2.

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