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Logos Quiz Answers Level 7 Part 3 – This is Logos Quiz Answers Level 7 Part 3 for iPhone and iPad. Check it out.

Logos Quiz Answers Level 7

A blue rectangle with ‘G’ letter in it (AIG) | A diamond with combination of red, yellow and blue color and ‘d’ letter beside it (POLAROID) | A black circle with target symbol in it (NITRO) | ‘P’ and ‘A’ letters (PANDA) | Big ‘O’ letter (OAKLEY) | ‘o’ and ‘l’ letter (MOBIL) | ‘I’ letter in red and ‘B’ letter in orange (IBERIA) | A curvy shape that composed by yellow, purple and pink color (THAI AIRWAYS) | ‘Y’ and ‘O’ letter (YOIGO) | ‘T’ and ‘V’ letter (ACTIVISION) | A yellow triangle (CATERPILLAR) | An ‘O’ letter-like shape (ROLLERBLADE) | ‘A’ and ‘L’ letter with two opposite triangle (ALCATEL) | A diamond with red and blue filling color and white ‘C’ letter in it (CARREFOUR)

A yellow rectangle with a braid character in blue in it (BANCO DO BRASIL) | A black circle with an eye in it (CBS) | A circle that formed by lot small orange (REUTERS) | Two curvy shapes that formed ‘C’ letter and ‘T’ letter in blue (CHINA TELECOM) | A red circle with a white ‘A’ letter like triangle (AIRWALK) | ‘K’ and ‘I’ letter (KDDI) | A blue square, ‘A’ and ‘E’ letter and a line (AEGON) | A red circle with ‘S’, ‘H’ and ‘O’ in it (SHOWTIME) | A blue crown with a head lion on it (RITZ CARLTON) | A oval shape with an ‘S’ letter in it (SAFEWAY) | Three red triangles and two red head arrow (KYOCERA) | A character likes a wave but actually they are ‘A’, ‘I’ and ‘W’ letters (AIWA). Thanks to Yahoo Answers for Logos Quiz Answers Level 7.

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