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Logos Quiz Answers Level 6 Part 2 – This is Logos Quiz Answers Level 6 Part 2 for iPhone and iPad. Just check it out.

Logos Quiz Answers Level 6

A green pentagon with yellow triangle in it (ABN AMRO) | Blue hexagon border line with ‘R’ and ‘e’ letters in it (ROCHE) | Red rectangle with ‘A’ and double ‘c’ letters in it (ADECCO) | A silver shape form half circle with word ‘MAN’ under it (MAN) | A green circle with two yellow trapezoids on both sides (PERRIER) | Red rectangle with modified ‘D’ letter in it. (DAIHATSU) | ‘L’ letter  (LEE) | A circle with ornaments and lady head in the middle (VERSACE) | Three blue shapes like a flower (TELENOR) | Six curvy shapes form a circle (AIRBUS) | Double ‘S’ letters (HUGO BOSS) | Two blue curvy shapes form an oval (SALOMON) | ‘Z’ and ‘R’ letters (ZARA) | A blue silhouette of Mickey head (DISNEY CHANNEL) | A sideways blue rectangle with an eagle head in it (USPS) | A silhouette of ROME army with helmet (STAEDTLER) |Curvy blue rectangle with red curvy shape in it. (DANONE) | Orange horse with its cart and a man in front it. (HERMES) | Four blue rectangles and ‘K’ letter (KPMG) | ‘r’ letter (PACO RABANNE) |Mother pelican and its child (PELIKAN) |  red noble stamp (STELLA ARTOIS) | ‘c’ letter and double ‘s’ letter (SHISEIDO) | F’ letter (FINNAIR) | ‘B’ letter and two grey squares (BASF) | ‘P’ and ‘e’ letters (PIONEER) | ‘B’ and ‘V’ letters (BVLGARI)

‘R’ and ‘A’ letters (PRADA) |‘H’ and ‘R’ letters (HELENA RUBINSTEIN) | Crossing black shape forms like ‘X’ letter (ANON) | A silver head arrow with red filling and star in it (PONTIAC) | A bold ‘C’ letter and other ‘C’ and ‘E’ letter under it (CLINIQUE) | A golden border line with red and white filling with ‘BIER’ word in it (AMSTEL) |Blue square with ‘Ha’ letter and old moon shape in it (HASBRO) | An orange circle with a green leaf in it looks like orange fruit (FANTA) | Red oval with two curvy shapes on it (SANTANDER) | A brown curvy shape, an orange old moon shape and a blue triangle (NOVARTIS) | ‘D’ and ‘r’ letters (DIOR) | Arabic characters and ‘airways’ word under it (ETLHAD) | Red oval shape with sideways rectangle in the middle (DICKIES) | A blue circle, a curvy shape and a triangular shape (BOEING) |A blue drop with a triangle in it (PETRONAS) A circle with compass symbol on it and a person step on it (RABOBANK) |Red rectangular shape with two circle at the bottom and two curvy shapes in it (AIRBERLIN). Thanks to Yahoo Answers for Logos Quiz Answers Level 6 Part 2.

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