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Logos Quiz Answers Level 5 Part 2 – This is Logos Quiz Answers Level 5 Part 2 for iPhone and iPad.

Logos Quiz Answers Level 5

Blue rectangle with white silhouette of two words with ‘A’ and ‘E’ begin each word (AMERICAN EXPRESS) | A jumping jaguar (JAGUAR) | Blue oval with ‘O’ and ‘N’ letters in it. (OLD NAVY) | A black shape with white triangle in it. (MIZUNO) | Green border line with a green circle with red rectangle in the circle. (CASTROL) | ‘N’ letter (SANYO) |Three circles with green, yellow and pink color (GARNIER) |Transparent basket ball with four handprint in four different colors on it (FIBA) | Small blue symbol formed ‘U’ letter. (UNILEVER) | Red rectangle with two white curvy shapes and two white rectangles. (BRADESCO) | ‘E’ and double ‘L’ letters (DURACELL) |  ‘a’, ‘y’ and ‘e’ letter in orange (EASYJET) | Blue head arrow and ‘A’ letter. (DIADORA) | Red ‘J’ letter (JVC) | An orange lion (ING) | A mirrored ‘G’ letter (GUCCI) | Oval with ‘H’ letter in it (HYUNDAI) | Shapes like ‘a’ letter (ASICS) | Red circle border with another red circle in it and ‘g’ letter (ROTRING) | Orange splash (NICKELODEON) | Sideways yellow ribbon with a read stamp above (SCHWEPPES) | Green bubble and black curvy shape with one red shapes and two black shapes surround (LOGITECH) | ‘t’ and double ‘r’ letters (CARTIER) | Double blue ‘S’ letters (SIEMENS) | A red head arrow and a triangle (DELTA) | A black badge with golden border line and a golden bull in it (LAMBORGHINI).

Silver bold ‘C’ letter and orange triangle (SMART) | A red triangle with a kangaroo’s silhouette in it (QANTAS) | A crocodile (LACOSTE) | An orange circle with red border line and ‘café’ in the circle (HARDROCK) | A knight with a spear on a horse with chain-mail (BURBERRY) |  A blue emblem with stars and a football icon (NFL) | A man on a horse with polo stick. (RALPH LAUREN) | Silhouette of camel (CAMEL) | A triangle with a cock in front of it (LE COQ SPORTIF) | ‘D’ and ‘C’ letter (DCSHOECOUSA) | ‘G’ and ‘M’ letter (GENERAL MOTORS) | A silhouette of two words with ‘J’ at the beginning of the first word and a red oval on it  (JOHN SMITH) | Red rectangle with ‘D’ and ‘L’ letters (DIESEL) | ‘A’, ‘T’ and ‘I’ letters (ATI) | Red ‘A’ and blue ‘A’ letter with a hawk in the middle (AMERICAN AIRLINES) | Green ‘a’ and ‘c’ letters. (ACER) | Rectangular border line and ‘R’ and ‘W’ letters (ROWENTA) | Double ‘s’ letter and double triangle (CREDIT SUISSE). Thanks to Yahoo Answers for Logos Quiz Answers Level 5 Part 2.

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