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Logos Quiz Answers Level 4 Part 2 – This is Logos Quiz Answers Level 4 Part 2 for iPhone and iPad.

Logos Quiz Answers Level 4

Leaves that form circle and an emblem like a shell inside it (CADILLAC) | Symbol that look like an atom orbital (ARIEL) | Blue circle with ‘M’ letter in it (MOTOROLA) | Red and orange circle with ‘K’ letter (KODAK) | ‘J’ and ‘P’ (JEEP) | ‘O’ letter (FOX) | ‘N’ letter with words under it (AVON) | ‘ex’ letter (REXONA) | ‘I’ and ‘V’ letter in blue (IVECO) | A star with three angle (ATOMIC) |Circle with dragon inside (DRAGON) |Green rectangle and orange triangle (TAG HEUER) | Hexagon with a symbol like a spade (PIAGGIO) | Badge with horse in the middle (PORSCHE) | Silver square with cross symbol in the middle (LINCOLN) | Shoe with wing (GOODYEAR) | Oval borderline with ‘H’ letter in the middle (HILTON) | Red rectangle with ‘R’ and ‘B’ letter in it (RAY BAN) | Red rectangle with curve cut at the bottom with ‘M’ and ‘P’ letter inside it (CAMPER) | Head arrow that point at opposite side. (RENAULT) | Blue ‘B’ letter (BLUETOOTH).

Silver lion standing. (PEUGEOT) | Woman silhouette with long hair (WELLA) |Curly shape like tribal in red (RIPCURL) | Green triangle (REEF) | Green ‘M’ letter (MOVISTAR) | Blue rectangle with double ‘S’ letter in it (ELLESSE) | Compass symbol (NATO) | Globe with blue line (DISCOVERY CHANNEL) | Shape colored with blue and red with ‘U’, ‘D’, ‘L’, ‘S, letter in it (UNITED AIRLINES) | A sun behind the mountains (AQUAFINA) | Circle frame with ornament and a head hog in it (GORDONS) | Blue frame with wave shape in it (BILLABONG) | Double ‘X’ letter (EXXON) | Circle with red drop shape in it (VODAFONE) | A shape with ‘t’ and ‘i’ letter inside it. (TEXAS INSTRUMENTS) | A man with tuxedo and stick on his hand (JOHNNIE WALKER) | Two square black and orange with ‘T’ letter and cross symbol (TISSOT) | Rectangle with white and black fill (WIFI) | Silhouette of a word with ‘S’ letter at the beginning (SUBWAY) | Brown rectangle with a hawk in it (WINSTON). Thanks to Yahoo Answers for Logos Quiz Answers Level 4 Part 2.

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