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Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 – This is the Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 for iPhone and iPad.

Logos Quiz Answers Level 3

Green background with wavy frame with yellow and green color and wide white in the center (KNORR) | Circle symbol of tree with brown color without leaves (TIMBERLAND) | Silver circle frame and letter ‘sport’ in the center of it (EA) | Letter ‘V’ with yellow and blue color (VISA) | Silver half mask (DAEWOO) | Letter ‘T’ with long underline (TELEFONICA) | Square rectangle red background with letter ‘N’ and ‘X’ (NETFLIX) | Blue circle symbol with star in the center and yellow ornament on the outer part (FBI) | Cat-like symbol with green eye and headphone on it (NAPSTER) | Letter ‘M’ with blue color and ‘W’ with red color (MOUNTAIN DEW) | Silhouette of puma (PUMA) | Orange circle wrapped with red (LAYS) | Blue circle with three arranged arrows (YAMAHA) | Red circle with ‘R’ in the center (ROSSIGNOL) | Panda with black and white color only (WWF) | Black circle with wings on both side right and left (MINI)

Green rectangle with yellow border, number 123 above it (SESAME STREET) | Letter ‘S’ with blue underline. (TESCO) | Two arrows with blue and red (CHEVRON) | Silver circle with arrow and blue rectangle in the middle (VOLVO) | Letter ‘V’ with underline and colored red (VIRGIN) | Purple bell (TACO BELL) | Eagle’s silhouette (AMERICAN EAGLE) | Symbol of omega (OMEGA) | Label with ‘Tennessee sour mash Whiskey’ word on it (JACK DANIELS) | A glass of coffee with orange and pink background (DUNKIN DONUTS) | Blue emblem with blue circle and wavy line and sparkling symbol (PHILIPS) | Red ‘P’ letter (PIRELLI) | Gold circle with silver wings on both sides (CHRYSLER) | Green ‘G’ letter (GREENPEACE) | Green oval (LAND ROVER) | World map in a blue spider web-like with wheat on both sides (UNITED NATIONS) | Blue oval background with ‘fi’ letter in white (PFIZER) | Green rectangle with ‘U’,’O’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ letter in white (UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON) | ‘IN’ letter with blue triangle above it (GARMIN). Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 Part 2 for the Next Answers. Thanks to Yahoo Answer for Logos Quiz Answers Level 3.

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