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Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 Part 2 – This is Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 Part 2 for iPhone and iPad.

Logos Quiz Answer Level 3

Green emblem with yellow border and deer silhouette in yellow (JOHN DEERE) | ‘C’ letter that cover all of the black background (CARHARTT) | Red background with white triangle under it (MARLBORO) | ‘F’ letter colored with red and blue (FILA) | Yellow rectangle and ‘CHANNEL’ letter beside it (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC) | Black background with golden harp in the middle and number 17 and 59 (GUINNESS) | ‘W’ and ‘B’ letter (WARNER BROS) | Blue star with ‘Chuck Taylor’ separated (CONVERSE) | ‘D’ letter and lips (DOVE) | Two red square and a rectangle (DOMINOS) | Badge with red border and ‘F’ letter in the middle (FIRESTONE) | Red tribal (HOT WHEELS) | Cutted word look like ‘I’ letter in red (CNN) |Red oval border with ‘I’ letter in the middle (KIA) | Shell with red and yellow as the dominant color (SHELL) | ‘O’ and ‘E’ (ORACLE) | Rectangle with black, yellow, red, purple and blue fill it (NASCAR) |‘N’ and ‘B’ red colored (NEW BALANCE) | Blue globe with orange fox asleep on it (FIREFOX) | Yellow flower silhouette with red border (CHUPA CHUPS)| Blue ‘d’ and orange ‘E’ (FEDEX)

Yellow and orange paper (POST IT) | Symbol look like C and half oval on the other side (CHAMPION) | Eye symbol with half green background (NVIDIA) | Red ribbon with golden crown on it (BUDWEISER) | Blue double ‘Z’ (BLIZZARD) | Red ‘j’ and ‘I’ (FUJITSU) | ‘q’ and ‘m’ (QUALCOMM) | Silver circle with thunderbolt in the middle (OPEL) | Bird nest with three birds on it (NESTLE) | Blue dog footprint with ‘du’ letter (BAIDU) | Roof and stairs in blue (UNESCO) | Three blue mountain with ‘natural spring water’ word. (EVIAN) | Three wavy strips (AMTRAK) | ‘t’ letter with arrow on it (ACCENTURE) | Red arrow to right (SPEEDO) | Oval silver border with Neptune spear appeared half sunk (MASERATI) | Red emblem with ‘d’ letter in silver (DUCATI) | Triangle with white circle in the middle (AOL) | Two black circle and a white circle (HBO) | Black sideways rectangle with white ‘H’ letter and red underline (THQ). Thanks to Yahoo Answers for Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 Part 2.

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