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Logos Quiz Answers Level 2 – This is the Logos Quiz Answers Level 2 for iPhone and iPad.

Logos Quiz Answers Level 2

Gold/ brown shield = ups | Gold rectangle = imdb | Gold cross = chevrolet | Blue rectangle, white N = nivea | Red star with black rectangle underneath and plants underneath rectangle = heineken | Red oval with other ovals inside = toyota | Black circle with face in it = olay | Silver H in rectangle = honda | Blue square with white in inside = linkedin | Red animal with horns inside shield = dodge |Red C that trails off = coca cola | White y inside a purple circle = yahoo | Blue circle outline in gold with english flag and snake = alfa romeo | Wings with green rectangle inside = aston martin | Blue circle with red lines and white dots = nasa | Blue oval with silver outline = ford | Black circle with white circle inside and green arrow shape with wing = skoda | Black D with red arrow = dunlop | Blue kl = kleenex | Three black lines, one straight, two curved at the end = atari | Yellow arrow with red “BURGER” = in n out.

Blue rectangle with yellow oval inside = ikea | Blue half rectangle cut diagonal with white P = sap | Red shapes outlining a blank A = adobe | Red rectangle with white ‘s = campbells | Colourful fan shape, sort of like a peacock shape = nbc | Circle with red white and blue = pepsi | Red modified ‘S’ = suzuki | White N inside blue/black circle = netscape | Black and orange shield and rectangle with “motor company” = harley davidson | Yellow rectangle with black horse = ferrari |Blue square with X and red line = axa | Blue P and c that says “ideas for life” = panasonic | Black rectangle with white square on left, red square on right = tommy hilfiger | Red P standing up on colourful S = playstation | Black Y = sony | Black vertical lines that vary in size = cisco | Red rounded rectangle with N inside = nintendo | Black shape with gold and red ship inside = rover. The Next answers in Logos Quiz Answers Level 2 Part 2. Thanks to Yahoo Answer for Logos Quiz Answers Level 2.

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