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Logos Quiz Answers Level 2 Part 2 – This is Logos Quiz Answers Level 2 Part 2 for iPad and iPhone.

Logos Quiz Answers Level 2

Black rectangle with double ‘M’ letter in it (MINUTE MAID) | Four squares flagged with four different colors: orange, green, blue and yellow form a big square (WINDOWS) | A circle with a star in it (MERCEDES) | A silhouette of a kid fishing while sitting on an old moon (DREAMWORKS) | Modified ‘V’ and ‘Z’ letters (VERIZON) | Modified ‘R’ and ‘V’ in red (RONCATO) | There rough shapes in green look like a scratch (MONSTER) | A head cat with a red ribbon on its ear (HELLO KITTY) | A symbol of an eagle with ‘G’ and ‘A’ letter on its chest. (ARMANI) | Three black trapezoids form a triangle (ADIDAS) | A symbol of a sun and a child under in orange color (LUCASARTS) | A globe formed by pieces of puzzle. (WIKIPEDIA) | A blue circle border line with three rectangular shapes in it (ALLIANZ) | A blue square with white ‘f’ letter in it (FACEBOOK) | Four circles (AUDI) | Two squares with black and white color, there is ‘C’ and ‘N’ letter (CARTOON NETWORK) | Blank silver shape. (DACIA) | Blue ‘K’ letter with ‘connecting people’ words under it. (NOKIA)

A blue circle with ‘E’ letter (DELL) | Curvy shape in gold formed like a wing (PANTENE) | Black ‘C’ letter mirrored (CHANEL) |A silver round with green bubble filling in it (ERICSSON) | ‘N’ and ‘A’ letter in black (NIKITA) | ‘R’ letter in blue (TOYS R US) | ‘You’ word and red square under it (YOUTUBE) | A rectangular and triangular silver shape and another triangular shape in green (HTC) | A butterfly with four different colors on its wings (MSN) | Blue globe with two silhouettes of people and leaves surround it (UNICEF) | Two black rectangles and a white rectangle in the middle (LOTTO) | ‘i’ and ‘e’ letter in green (PRINCE) | A yellow crown (CORONA) | A white triangle and ‘e’ letter under it (DAKINE) | A blue circle and five white lines in the middle (KONICA MINOLTA) | ‘W’ and ‘ol’ letter with an orange oval between them (WHIRPOOL) | A yellow circle with black circle in the middle and a man holding a flower bucket in the middle (INTERFLORA) | Black circle with ‘a’ letter in it (ABC) | A red square with white cross in it (SWATCH). Thanks to Yahoo Answers and Out Visitors for Logos Quiz Answers Level 2 Part 2.

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