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Logo Quiz Game Answers Level 4 for Android (Apps by Addictive Mind Puzzlers )- What are you looking for today? If You’re an iPhone user, you might have been playing with the latest popular game Logo Quiz. Today we will talk about Logo Quiz answer since this game have been popular and keeps grow more popular. Some logos on this game probably new logo you’re never see before. Logo Quiz answer will be about clues to help you guess the name of the logos. Following are Logo Quiz Game Answers for level 4. It will help you to pass the level and guess the entire logos. Enjoy guessing, afterward.

1.     Looks like an orange eyes in some ways, with white circle and grey in the middle of it. (Acdsee)

2.     Black curvy shape with white border line. (Adio)

3.     Red circle with a red leaf inside it. (Air Canada)

4.     Blue letter of ‘ANA’ with a blue rectangle beside it. (All Nippon Airways)

5.     Two ‘A’ letters. One in red and another in blue. Between them there is a blue bird flying. (American Airlines)

6.     Three blue triangle with a blue round in the middle. (AOL)

7.     Red ‘an’ letter with a red triangular shape beside it. (Austrian Airlines)

8.     A black square with a grayish fill it. Inside it a red robot with yellow eyes. (Bad Robot)

9.     A yellow thing looks like a label. (Best Buy)

10.A character with black round head and wearing a yellow clothes, behind it a black pen. (Bic)

11.Two shapes look like waves in black and white. (Billabong)

12.A green round with three shape in brighter color and looks form circle like the green round behind it. (Bittorent)

13.A red circle looks like a Chinese coin. (Bank of China)

14.A circle looks like a ball with two red socks in front of the ball. (Boston Red Sox)

15.Green rectangle with a triangular shape in front of it like a white wing. (Cathay Pacific)

16.Blue circle with a white shape inside like a cube. (China Mobile)

17.A blue circle with a trapezoid shape in softer color inside it and a red flower inside the trapezoid. (China Southern)

18.Nine shape in line form two triangle. (Cisco)

19.Red circle and white ‘C’ letter inside. (Cnet)

20.A bold ‘C’ letter in blue. There are two trapezoid in red and blue beside the ‘C’. (Commodore)

21.Red ‘Q’ letter. (Compaq)

22. Red square with double ‘o’ letter inside. (Coors)

23.Red oval with yellow shape looks like horseshoe and blue rectangular shape in front of it. (Dickies)

24.A man’s head in mohawl style. (Diesel)

25.A blue rectangle and two other red square form a bigger square. There are two white circle and circle in each red square. (Dominos Pizza)

26.Orange oval with a black line surround it. (Earthlink)

27.Blue ‘E’ with four other rectangular shape in four different color. (Epson)

28.Red apple, grape, and two other fruits. (Fruit of the Loom)

29.A blue circle with ‘g’ and ‘e’ letter inside. (General Electric)

30.A red head arrow with a black circle on the top. (Genius)

31.An orange shape with white ‘gsk’ letter inside it. (Glaxosmithkline)

32.A grey dog jumping. (Greyhound)

33.A grey bird landing. (Gulf Air)

34.A black circle with a triangle-like shape inside it. (Half-Life)

35.A card, a horse and a person in front the horse, all in orange. (Hermes)

36.A grey circle and a pointed white shape inside it. (Hi Tec)

37.An owl with two big eyes. (Hooters)

38.Four red triangles and two other triangles form anther shape. (HSBC)

39.A flower with seven green petals and an orange petal. (ICQ)

40.A blue silhouette of bird landing and blue ‘J’ letter. (Joma)

41.A man and a woman sitting back to each other. (Kappa)

42.Red ‘K’ letter. (Kawasaki)       

43.Yellow rectangle with another red rectangle inside it. Both of them form ‘K’ letter. (Kodak)

44.Blue ‘kr’ letter with colorful shape behind it. (Kraft Foods)

45.Three triangles and two red head arrow. (Kyocera)

46.A green crocodile. (Lacoste)

47.Blue ‘VO’ letter with two other characters of Chinese letter. (Lenovo)

48.A shape like ‘E’ letter. Filled with red and blue color. (Malaysia Airlines)

49.A character with a lot of lines on its entire body standing in front of blue square. (Michelin)

50.A winged circle in silver color. (Morgan)

51.A badge with a lot of stars on the top part and also a football ball on it. (NFL)

52.An orange splash. (Nickelodeon)

53.Two curvy shape in orange and yellow. The other shape is a blue triangle in the middle of two curvy shapes. (Novartis)

54.Silver oval. (Oakley)

55.A shape looks like a flower filled by orange and red color. (Petrochina)

56.Two curvy shape in blue and white with blue as their background. (Pilot)

57.A man on a horse playing polo. (Polo)

58.A mountain in the middle of black shape. (Quiksilver)

59.A blue square with circle shape inside filled by orange, white and red color. (Repsol)

60.A red curvy shape. (Rip Curl)

61.A grey square and a red square within. There is two curvy line in the middle of it. (Saturn)

62.A curvy shape with three white circles inside it. (Saucony)

63.A shape looks like a shell in with combined color of red and yellow. (Shell)

64.A shape looks like a bird with a wide wing opened. (Singapore Airlines)

65.A puma jumping. (Slazenger)

66.A silver round and another green round within. (Sony Ericsson)

67.A tail of airplane with South African flag in it. (South African Airways)

68.Five yellow shape look like a wing. (Sprint)

69.A blue rectangle with a head of soldier with helmet in white. (Staedtler)

70.A green circle and a woman inside with long hair. (Starbucks)

71.Two black shapes connected with a circle and two other circles on each of the shape. (Steam)

72.A shape looks like ‘T’ letter if it is seen by cocked your head. (Tama)

73.A red circle with a white star inside and a red ‘T’ letter inside it. (Texaco)

74.A round grey shape with another shape inside looks like it is twisted. (Ubisoft)

75.A red diamond with another more little diamond inside. (Umbro)

76.A logo looks like U.S. flag. (US Airways)

77.A blue rectangle with an eagle head inside it. (USPS)

78.A green round with a character looks like ‘u’. (Utorrent)

79.A silver circle filled with red. A silver animal with an eagle head hold a flag with ‘V’ letter in it. (Vauxhall)

80.A purple shape looks like a cat head silhouette. (Whiskas)

81.A black ‘Z’ and ‘i’ letters. There is a burning fire on the ‘i’ letter. (Zippo)

We hope you have had as much fun playing Logo Quiz Game Answers for Android Level 4

Logo Quiz Game for Android Answers

Logo Quiz Game for Android Answers

as we have.  We have to take a little break and get some real world work done … You know, promote the “logo” and then we shall return with another Logo Quiz Game Answers for Android.

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