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Homerun Battle 2 for Android

Homerun Battle 2 for Android – The latest Homerun Battle 2 seems to get good response from the users since it has nice gameplay and feature that you might not find on the other Baseball. The latest version will offer you some new feature. There will be 10 million sluggers worldwide and 300 million Online Matchups that you can find on this app. Other than devil and four guardians that you already found on the previous version, there will be added White Tiger & HyunMu, Phoenix and Blue Dragon. Since you will find it online, Homerun Battle 2 will support three different languages in it.

The main feature that you will find on Homerun Battle 2 for Android later will be supported with some other amazing feature like customizable character, choose a stadium, and find 6 different modes on this game. Before you play the game, you are suggested to choose your own character. Gender, body structure, skin tone, interesting styles, clothing and bats are some things on your character that you decide on your own. The next feature will allow you to choose a stadium to have a battle. You may choose one of 6 modes on this game that will bring different rule in each different mode. Yet, it will give you a lot of fun playing Homerun Battle 2 for Android.

To play those 6 modes on Homerun Battle 2 for Android, there will be some requirement needed. The six different modes that have their different description (DUEL – 1 on 1 battle, SURVIVAL – survival battle, MISSION – up to 4 players to clear the mission. BURNING – never-ending throws burn through the wind, ARCADE – to challenge new achievement and make new record, and the last TRAINING – to practice and train to be agood slugger) will need your device run on at least 2.2 version of Android. Though Homerun Battle 2 for Android might be a high requirement, you can get this game app free.

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