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Dooors Walkthrough - Door 36 to 40

Dooors Walkthrough – Door 36 to 40 (Door 36, Door 37, Door 38, Door 39 and Door 40) for iPhone, iPad and iPod. After passing some levels up to level thirty, we will move to the next level that might help you to pass the subsequent level. Some next levels might raise the difficulty. However, this Dooors Walkthrough – door 36 to 40 is only clue that you can use if there a dead end in certain level. This time we will start the dooors walkthrough – door 36 to door 40.

Door 36: The first thing you need to do is to tilt your phone up to 45 degree. You will see the Red ball slides to the right. Next, you will see the arrow point to up. There will be another arrow on the right of the screen that point to the left. You will see the grey button on the left side of the door. Touching the grey button, you will find the door available to be opened.

Door 37: There will be a lot of thing that you need to give more attention on this level. Find the globe and touch it is the first thing you need to do. There is a UV Torch Light under the globe. Use it on the wall above the door. Next, you will see 5 countries above the door. They are Australia, Japan, Italy, New Zealand, and India. Australia = Bottom half of the Earth, Japan = Top half of the Earth, Italy = Top half of the Earth, New Zealand = Bottom half of the Earth and India = Top half of the Earth. After that, you need to touch the button beside the door like this way, LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT. Wait until the red light turn into the green one. You can enter the door now.

Door 38: On this level, you have to balance the weight of the three items. One big stone is equal with one small green ball and one big orange ball. Tilt the phone to the right, and the stone will slide to the right. To slide the ball to the left, you need to tilt it to the left. Once you make it balance, you will see the light turn green and you can enter the door.

Door 39: You will play with color this time. Follow the colors size at the door. Red-Green-Yellow-Blue is the order that you need to follow when touches the color button. After the light turn green, you can enter the door.

Door 40: To open the door, you need to follow the arrow. First, slide the door the LEFT-BOTTOM-RIGHT and you will find the door opened. The Dooors Walkthrough – Door 36 to 40 has done.

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