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DOOORS App Walkthrough Solutions – Door 16 to 35:

Door 16: The sixth door need you to mimic the phone just the same way with the man. You need to face your phone down until the mark above the door turn green, now you can open the door.

Door 17: The seventeenth door, you will see a rock. Tilt your phone slide the rock; there is a light switch, turn it off. You will see the word E and T. Turn the hand on the left dial eleven and the right hand dial seven. The red line will turn green you can open the door.

DOOORS App Walkthrough Solutions 17 A

Door 18: The eighteenth door need you to open the door you need to tap the red button so that the door can open. Each ball will open only a half of the door.

Door 19: The nineteenth door, you need to slide the right and left door upward. Take the orange ball and tape each the white circle to turn it green, then slide the both door back down. Select the orange ball and tap the light on the ceiling to throw it at it and turn it green. You can slide up the door.

Door 20: The twentieth door you need to dial the right to reflect the left, then you can open the door. (The circles are mirror images of each other. The smoke is just to make it harder. Just match the two top, the two middle and the two bottom – )

Door 21: you need to tilt you phone so the tank of the water hit the green and the red bar turn green. You need to face down the phone so it won’t lock again.

Door 22: needs to open the tile and take the magnifying glass. Then see the back of the right tiger, you will find some fruit. Put the orange ball on the top. The top represent of orange fruit color.

Door 23:  you need to find the white circle by tapping the left plant and move over the ball to the right. After the white circle turn green, move the gate in order to open the door by slide it left.

DOOORS App Walkthrough Solutions Door 24: needs you to light both the fire. Then pull the handle from the rightmost to the left and back again from the right. By the end all of the handles need to be pulled twice.

Door 25: you need to at the Japanese flag use the magnifying glass, there is number 2, 5, 6, 2. Tap the things on the floor and follow the numbers that appear on the flag before. It is finished then, but there is still updated version that you can get.

DOOORS App Walkthrough Solutions – Door 26 to 35. DOOORS App Walkthrough Solutions – Door 16 to 35 Thanks to App Unwrapper.

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