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DOOORS App Walkthrough Solutions – If you are a game lover, you must have tried this game. DOOORS – Room Escape Game is a game that needs to be solved cleverly. This game is quite exciting, but you might find that at certain level it is hard to be solved or hard to find a way out to passed the game. In case you are in such moment, stuck at certain level, you need to see DOOORS App Walkthrough Solutions that hopefully will help you to pass all the level or only certain level that you think difficult.

DOOORS App Walkthrough Solutions - Door 1 to 15

This game is divided into 35 levels that every level will give you different difficulties that will grow harder.

Door 1: At the first level, you will find the first door. This door is the easiest level that only needs you to tap the door to open it.

Door 2: to open the second door you need to tilt your phone left to roll the ball.

Door 3: you need to tilt your phone again to the left in order to get the key under the ball to open the door.

Door 4: you need to pull the handle hanging on the left side, and then you have to tap the door when it is opened before the door closed.

Door 5: The fifth door needs you to tap the left-most lamp, after you see the knob, use it to open the door.

Door 6: you need turn six green lamps above the door on. To turn it on you need to tap the little glowing on the left.

Door 7: you color in the pattern on the door, top and bottom left, and middle right

Door 8: you need to pick a red thing above the plant and select it from the inventory to slide the door open.

Door 9: The ninth door, there are two door that move at different speed. You need to make it open at the same time and hit the green area at the same time. The key, tap the right door so the circular cutout. You need to take trial and error to make it.

Door 10: The tenth door, you need to shake the screen to calm the fire and take the burnt wood and take the crank from underneath. Then, you need to tap the plant on the left few times to move it so you can seen the middle circle on the wall. You need to slip the wood and turn it to open the door.

The five other levels will just be the same that need you to be thoroughly see the room.

Door 11: The eleventh door, you need to put the red knobby thing in the hole above the middle door and tap the door to open it.

Door 12: you need to match the card symbol to the circle. If the symbol upside-down, it means that they are in the different color of what they normally be. (The first heart on the left is upside down so it would be black instead of red, same as the spade thats upside down, it would be red instead of black)

Door 13: The thirteenth door, you need to tilt back to unlock the door. After you open the door, take the flaming stick to burn the spider web, then you can walk through.

Door 14: door needs you to arrange the knob to have the same shape with the marking above the door.

Door 15:  There is a bomb in the left corner of the screen – tap it and it will pop up in your “supplydock” tap it again and place it in front of the door. Tap the torch and light the bomb, the bomb will explode and leave marks on the sides of the door. Now, pull the left handle once, then the right handle once, then the left handle three times, then the right handle two times (Thanks to Sofie for Door 15). DOOORS App Walkthrough Solutions – Door 16 to 35.

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