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The Limbo walkthrough will truly provide you a thrilling adventure right at your computer! Imagine trudging down an extremely dangerous environment and solving puzzles to find your way until you reach your goal. With the Limbo walkthrough experience, your analytical and strategic abilities will surely be challenged.

Limbo walkthrough

Limbo walkthrough

The Limbo is just one of the five games released way back in 2010 from Xbox’s “Summer of Arcade Promotion.” The promotion mainly introduced its most hard sell games of the year. Here, the 2D puzzle platformer Limbo revolves around a young boy who trudges an extremely risky and odd environment to look for his lost sister. The Limbo walkthrough is designed with black and white as well as blurry backgrounds to highlight the game’s eerie setting. The overall animation of the game obeys the natural laws of physics, and the creatures and characters were animated almost naturally and flawlessly.

How to Play the Game

Just like other popular games from Xbox, such as Braid and The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, the Limbo walkthrough is a game of puzzle wherein the player’s strategic and analytic abilities are being challenged to solve complex environmental mysteries. Using the limited abilities of the character within the extremely challenging setting, you will surely be thrilled as you move on through the next level of the game.

As a player, you can control the movements of the young boy such as running, pushing and pulling objects, and jumping along hazardous obstructions. Most of the game’s puzzle involves a feeling of fear and urgency, making the Limbo walkthrough an exciting and unique game compared to the other 2D puzzle platformers. For example, a single mistake can easily trigger a dangerous trap, or a little hesitation in moving on can trigger a huge spider to pierce the young boy’s head through its razor sharp legs, or if you are able to activate a poorly timed switch, you will surely be surprised with something that will crush on the way.

So, you think you’re tough and smart enough? Come and play the Limbo walkthrough and see on how far you can go through the game!

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