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Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Review – The latest smartphone from Samsung seems to be the equal opponent for Apple iPhone 4S or we will see it the other way that Apple iPhone 4S is the equal opponent for Samsung Galaxy S3. Later on we will see the fight between Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S3. They are born in different year and as they were released in different year, there will be different specs on them that will result different performance on each of them. There will be some aspects that will be compared on each of them, the outside appearance, specifications and features are the three main points that will be compared between Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S3.

Before we move on further comparison on them, there is a significant difference between Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 that need to have more attention. The significant difference between these two devices is on their network availability. As Apple iPhone is released in last 2011, it has older technology on it so that we will only find 3G network as its best connection. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S3 will have better network connection on 4G network LTE that will give faster and better internet connection.

We will see its outside appearance first before we move to its stuff under its hood. Between Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S3, there is different color option offered. While Apple iPhone 4S will have only Black and White as the options, we will see that Samsung Galaxy S3 has Peble Blue and Marble White. The latest color that different with the other smartphone you’ve found. On the dimension Apple iPhone 4S will have 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm and Samsung Galaxy S3 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm. Each of them will have different weight and on this aspect Samsung Galaxy S3 has lighter weight than Apple iPhone 4S does, Apple with 140g, while Samsung Galaxy S3 weighs 133g only. They have different display screen. Apple iPhone 4S will have only 3.50 inches, while Samsung Galaxy S3 has wider screen with 4.80 inches. They are supported with different technology. LED-backlit IPS TFT with 16M, 640 x 960 pixels, and 330 ppi will support Apple iPhone 4S and Super AMOLED with 16M  colors, 720 x 1280 pixels, and 306 ppi will support Samsung Galaxy S3. The screen of both of them will be protected with Corning Gorilla Glass. Up to this point we have found that they have good specifications on their each class.

Furthermore, there will be the processor and camera on each of them that will be different, but still they will bring good stuffs with them. There is dual core 1GHz cortex A9 with Apple A5 chipset that will support Apple iPhone 4S and also PowerVR SGX543MP2 will support its graphic processor. iOS 5 will be the exclusive OS that will run on all Apple device including this series of smartphone. On the other hand, we will find a better processor on quad core 1.4GHz cortex A9 with Exynos 4212 quad chipset and Mali-400MP will support the graphic processor of this device. The best Android 4.0 ICS will run on this series of Samsung device that will also be the equal opponent or even better than Apple iPhone 4S. The same with Apple iPhone 4S does, Samsung will have three different cariant based on its internal memory capacity, 16, 32, and 64. However they have different memory system, Apple iPhone 4S with only 512MB RAM and Samsung Galaxy S3 with 1GB RAM. On the camera field they have similar specifications. They will have dual camera, 8MP , 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus and LED flash will be the feature that you can find on both of them. They will be different on the front camera, Apple iPhone 4S will only have VGA camera, while Samsung Galaxy S3 has 1.9MP camera. The last different on them is on the battery capacity. Samsung will have stronger battery with 2100mAh capacity, while Apple iPhone 4S will have only 1432mAh. Since they are release in different year, Samsung Galaxy S3 will have better feature than Apple, because it is developed better in longer period of time. Nevertheless, Apple did well on its iPhone 4S. Between Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 we can conclude that they are the best smartphone in their period.

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