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This is the walkthrough for 100 Doors level 51 to 60 to checkout earlier doors see:

Welcome for another adventure of this game of 100 doors walkthrough level 51 to 60. This is the walkthrough which will help to assist and provide you cheats, tips and clues regarding the game to make it easier to pass through the level. These helpful hints are proven with the strategies which are applied to solve the levels as well.

100 Doors Walkthrough Level 51 To 60

100 Doors Walkthrough Level 51 To 60

So, what are we looking forward for this unique puzzle game more particularly in the 100 doors walkthrough level 51 to 60? Let us begin the challenge then. You may have already seen the four symbol which are needed to be changed. Make sure that you do a change here in the top left, the top right, bottom left, and then in the bottom right. These are the things that you need to change. To the top left, place a triangle. To the top right, do a line. For the bottom left, make choose for the hourglass and then for the bottom right lastly, choose for a triangle.

People are confused as they reach this 100 doors walkthrough level 51 to 60. However, it is surely worth knowing. Once you are already there, you can click for the switch that you will see in the bottom right part of the door. This action will turn the light off. The next thing that you can do is by moving to the left half of the door and towards the left. On the right half, you can move the door up and then the bottom half of the door. The next thing to do here is by changing these shapes in the following. Top left is triangle, top right is square, bottom left is circle, and bottom right is diamond.

Included still in this 100 doors walkthrough level 51 to 60, you can move towards the plants to the middle. There is a hold there in the left. So, select for a silver ball in your inventory. Use this one to put in the hole so that it will tilt the device and then the ball will roll in the pipe for the green button. If a door opens, press green.  Congratulations you are ready for the next set of doors: 100 doors walkthrough level 61 to 70.

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