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Welcome to the addictive app of 100 Doors Walkthrough level 42 to 50.  Congrats on making it this far, I hope that the previous walkthroughs have been helpful made it possible for you to enjoy your app. Let’s get started on 100 Doors Walkthrough level 43 to 50.

100 Doors Walkthrough Level 49

100 Doors Walkthrough Level 49

Door 43. Move the plants and put the silver ball in the inventory into the hole in the left. Tilt your device so the ball ends up at the green button on the right. Then tap the green arrow in the door and you’re up to Door 44.

Door 44. Tilt your device to enable the moving thing to move to the direction you want it to go. You first make it press the top right button then the bottom left button after. Next, move it to press the bottom right button and then finally the top left button. You tap right after the green arrow in the door and you’re done with Door 44.

Door 45. You simply tap on the four popped out squares yo change them. And press on the arrow in the door then you’re ready for Door 46.

Door 46. Start by pressing the top left arrow pointing the east then the bottom left set of arrows pointing north and east. Continue pressing the far right arrow pointing north and the top arrow pointing on south. Lastly, press the top left arrow on the door pointing northwest. You proceed to Door 47 by finally tapping on the right arrow in the door.

Door 47. Click the chess pieces on A1, C8, E7, F1 and then finally D2 to open the door. Tap the green arrow to proceed to Door 48.

Door 48. You tap on the numbers on the door to change them. Just make the triangles read 10 and for the squares, make it read 23. The door opens then, tap the green arrow and you’re done with Door 48.

Door 49. Just press the squares in this order: Middle left, Middle right, Top left, Bottom right, Top right then bottom left. Tap the green arrow in the door and you’re finally on Door 50.

Door 50. Tap on the pictures with these order: Top left, Bottom left, Middle right, Middle left, Top right and bottom right. Press on the green arrow in the door and you’re finally done with Door 50!

You have just finished the 50th door of the 100 Doors Walkthrough! 50 more doors more to go to complete and end the game. Keep on playing the rest of the levels with our 100 Doors Walkthrough game guide!

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