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This is the Walkthrough for 100 Doors Level 11 to 20, if you have not quite made it here yet, check out:

If you are thinking about playing an interesting game to spend your time with, then the 100 doors walkthrough level 11 to 20 is as exciting as the other levels are. Have you play the 100 doors game and how not passed yet the level 1? You can begin with the first guide. However if you are ready for the level 11 to 20, here is a guide for you.

In the 100 doors walkthrough level 11 to 20, we can start with this fascinating game. At the start of level 11, you will see wood red slide there. They come in two. Do not be confused about this. It is even possible for you to tap for the red slider and then up towards the lights. Have you seen a cube box? You can light it up right at the same time with the one you see in the left part. After that, in level 12, there are two shapes which you will see. Then you can see 18 and 14. The challenge here goes for 2+2, 3+3, and 7+7. The solution here is to mirror these numbers so that you can have your equation for the game. For instance, the E+3 will be equal to eight. You can tap for heart, eight and then the triangle in this game.

So, now the adventure of 100 doors walkthrough level 11 to 20 continues. As you are already in the level 13 walkthrough, there is a password hint for that. How many are they? You can simply tap for the number 1 button and then 11x. In the next level, you can check for the light. There are tips for that. For example, you have to put for the bulb from the floor and then the socket which you will find there on the ceiling. The next thing that you can do is the turn off or on the light right until you will see green lights in three.

100 doors walkthrough level 11 to 20

100 doors walkthrough level 11 to 20

It is also a part of the 100 doors walkthrough level 11 to 20 particularly in 15th that there will be a blocking wood. You can turn for the device in upside down direction and tap for the door. We hope you are having a blast working your way through 100 doors walkthrough level 11 to 20 get ready for your next set of doors.

Congratulations you are now ready for: 100 doors walkthrough level 21 to 30.

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