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Have you ever thought about playing casual games to spend your boring day with? Perhaps you simply needed to shift your attention and be entertained with the thrill of a game. This game we will talk about is more particular the 100 doors walkthrough level 1 to 10. As you will play this game, you can officially add the AutoCad and Architect users which a lot of people are now enjoying. This game of Open Doors is every exciting puzzle type of game that is created by the popular name SoapAintNice or Ozzie Mercado. There is blue print to play over this and then there are buildings that allows one to complete the swinging and door circles.

The 100 doors walkthrough level 1 to 10 has contraptions and it may shut behind the player. This game is compared to the house of mirrors wherein you will surely find thrill as the level increases. The controls of this game are actually simple. You can use the arrow keys so that you will move those cardinal directions. Aside from that, you will be square and then you can get towards the X. Have you already figured out on how you will be able to pass the level 1? If you don’t then there is a guide for you so that you can eventually reach the 100th floors of this game. Actually in this first part of the game, you simply have to press for the green button which is for the elevator, presto you are through level 1 in 100 doors walkthrough level 1 to 10.

100 doors walkthrough level 1 to 10

100 doors walkthrough level 1 to 10

In the next part that is still here in 100 doors walkthrough level 1 to 10, you can move the bin and then after that, you are ready to select for the green button in as twice. Since you are still in level two, you can put on for the red button and you off to go for level 3. The next part is that you will have to shake for your device. In the next, you can use two fingers to slide the door for open. Next, tilt your phone forward right until the ladders will fall over. So, this is what the 100 doors walkthrough level 1 to 10 will continue.

You are now ready for: 100 doors walkthrough level 11 to 20.

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